How Can You Not Love Garage Sales?

My latest garage sale finds...

These are super simple shelves made from boards and purchased shelf brackets painted black, but there is no way we could have made them for what we paid at a rummage sale. We put them in our silly wide hallway- not wide enough for furniture, but lots of wasted space. They extend the whole length of the hallway. My books finally have a home!

We were headed through the kitchen, to the above mentioned hallway with this very heavy black bookcase, when Cory and I looked at each other and said "Are you thinking, what I'm thinking?" We were- this shelf fit perfectly on top of our makeshift counter, making a makeshift cupboard. I don't know if I will be able to give it up when finally redo the kitchen. Why didn't I think of putting my teal china against black before?

This rug was another find from the same day. I've been drooling over a $200 version. This is an indoor/outdoor sisal rug. I have to thank Missy (rummage sale entrepreneur) for buying it to fit my kitchen. That was really nice of her!

This dresser replaced the 4 foot laminate mirrored monstrosity we've had since we got married (thank you in-laws!). It was beautiful, but looked a little out of place in our 9x10 bedroom. This new one fits better. We also got the matching nightstand. I'll do a picture of it if our bed is ever made!