The Calm...

We're enjoying the calm before the storm here. Next week Missy Kissy goes to the lake with her cousin for a few days. Cory's brother is moving over the following weekend so he and Missy will spend the weekend helping his family move. When they get back there will be only a few days before she leaves for camp.

Just saw a deer bound across the field. I tried to get a picture but I was too slow so I just got a picture of an empty field. That's okay too. They will hay it soon (and that's good) but I love how it looks all grown up.

Wishing you all a peaceful week as well!

Irises, Irises, Irises

Cory's grandpa called the other day to see if we wanted a few irises as he had thinned out his iris bed. Of course, we wanted them. When we picked them up, he had 5 varieties for us. Plus they came out to visit Sunday and brought 3 more varieties.

Cory made me a new bed out front around G'ma and G'pa's Tiger Lillies and it is filled with irises. Instant garden. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma M!!!

Clothes Lines

One of our first projects after moving to Grandma and Grandpa's house was to put up clothes lines. I shouldn't say "our" project because Missy Kissy and Cory actually put them up, I just use them.