Big Changes...

There are big changes coming to my house. My husband accepted a new job he is very excited about. It's a great opportunity for him to do something he has wanted to do for a long time. But (there's always a catch) his income will decrease by about 1/3. Also, he will not be able to work overtime. That almost prevented him from accepting it.

I feel God has been preparing us for this opportunity over the last few years. He has been working in our hearts to change our priorities. It wasn't long ago when we wanted to have everything that our society says shows success. We both worked long hours and our children were at G'ma and G'pa's more than they were at home.

We had a large home and a large mortgage to go with it. Now, losing part of our income will not cause us to lose our home. I feel God's leading in this as well- we didn't purchase our home, but inherited it.

We've had some experience with frugal living and there are several other things we're excited to try. Over the last 3 years we've been making a lot of small changes. Going paperless in the kitchen, cloth diapering, drying laundry on the line, etc. We've done a little gardening and are looking forward to growing a large garden this summer.

I know we will need to continue to make changes, but I feel we're up to the challenge. We've been put into a position where we can make it work.