Girl's Night Out

Missy and I had a girl's night out last night. We went to Village Inn for dinner and shopping after.

I don't think Missy has been to Village Inn since she was old enough to remember. We had a dinner that came with a piece of pie and she couldn't believe the different kinds of pie that were available. It was a tough decision... It was an even harder decision for me, because I know they're all wonderful!

After, we finished summer wardrobe shopping for all three kids. $30 Weekly Grocery Challenge had written about a great deal at Target. They had Circo on sale and there was a coupon to go with it. It worked out to be less than what we would have spent at Goodwill.

Wardrobe planning is always a big deal for me. I know a lot of people don't plan their kids wardrobes and their kids always look fine, but if I did that- my kids would end up wearing plaids with stripes. We're lucky enough to have Grandmas that buy a lot of the kid's clothes (Thank you, Grandmas!). So I just plug the holes- making sure each has 5-7 pairs of bottoms and 7-10 tops.

This year Jeromebob and Cheesecake are both wearing Toddlers. Yes- I bought them matching outfits... I know it's cheesy, but it's the last chance I'll have. By the time they're both wearing Boys, they'll be old enough to complain.