Gradituesday: My Nursing Wardrobe

It may be a silly thing to be grateful for, but I'm grateful for my nursing wardrobe.

Some women don't want, or can't afford, to have separate breastfeeding clothes. They are comfortable wearing their regular clothes. They feed their babies in public with or without a cover and manage not to flash anyone. I'm just not that coordinated... Plus I think half the fun of a new job is the new wardrobe and nursing a baby is a huge job!

After lots of searching, I ordered several tops and a swimsuit from Motherwear Factory Outlet on ebay. This was the only place I could find new items at a reasonable price. I was lucky enough to find several nightgowns at my local Goodwill and thrift shop. Recently, I've added a few tank tops from Target. These expand my options, as I can wear any top over them.

Once I invested in a nursing wardrobe, I felt there was no turning back. As any of you who have nursed a baby know, there are some days you just want to hand daddy a bottle. It sure helped my commitment that I had invested X$ in clothing.

I also enjoy the simplicity of my closet. I didn't want to invest in lots of clothes that I would only be wearing a year. I made sure everything mixed and matched and was very versatile. This makes getting dressed much easier.

I am grateful to have a husband who encouraged me to get what I felt I needed. Even with buying a whole new wardrobe, breastfeeding is still the best deal around!

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