This Week I'm Grateful for Love in Action

Ohhhh..... I'm so excited to show you my new chicken coop!!!!!! But first, a tiny bit of rambling...

I can remember when my parents were building their home, Ma changed her mind about where she would like the door several (3? 4?) times after it had been put in. One day they got into an argument. Ma felt Pa didn't love her (or at least didn't show it). He yelled at her- “What do you mean, I don't love you? You say move the door and I move the door!”.

I'm so blessed to have a man just like my father. I say chicken coop and he builds a chicken coop. Nothing says love like a big beautiful chicken coop!!!

Billybob put in a lot of labor and knowledge also and was rewarded with the very first egg. We were surprised to get one the first morning.

Not only am I grateful for a husband and neighbor that can build the coop, but also free chickens to fill it! Yes- three free good laying hens and a rooster. They were given to us (along with a ½ bag of feed and a waterer) by a lady Cory works with.

Maybe the guys have a point, anyone can say they love you.

God shows us (sometimes with free chickens).

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